Why choose Raindancer Communications

Right now there is a social media marketing craze, and many
businesses are scrambling to get on the bandwagon.  Since you’re here, reading this, you’re probably looking for a way to use social media to gain customers.

But should you?  Why are you looking into social media marketing?  If you’re doing it because everyone else is, then you’re doing it forthe wrong reasons.  To be honest, it’s
not for everyone.

To conduct a social media marketing campaign effectively, you must have people spending time to stay on top of the effort. In most businesses, that means either you, are doing it all, or an employee isn’t spending their time doing the jobs you hired them to do. If no one in-house can dedicate the time and effort, then outsourcing costs money.

Social mediamarketing isn’t free. This is a big myth created by storm of”consultants” claiming to be social media marketing experts. It’s true that creating a presence costs nothing because the tools themselves are free but remember: “Time is money.”  The tools are free, but your time isn’t, and a successful campaign takes a lot of time.

Step one is figuring out your social media personality. Are you the conscientious business owner- showing goodwill to all or are you showing a fun, less formal side to your business? Do you push discounts and generate new leads? Do you serve only existing customers?  Who is your target audience?

These questions are all considerations you must make BEFORE you launch yourself and your brand into social media marketing.  You may be able to get by with just a website, or you may need help driving customers to your website and your business.

This is where Raindancer Communications comes in.  I can help you figure out if you even need to invest in social media marketing, and I can help you give your media campaign
life or manage it for you.

My mission is to get you the greatest return for your money and build your internet presence.  I want to tell the world how great you and your company are, and help you develop the tools to do it yourself if you want.

I live and work in Oak Harbor and I have a passion for local business owners.  Rain Dancers uses to help their community by appealing to the gods to bring rain to grow their
crops.  In today’s modern economy, businesses need to appeal to their customers through the internet and it’s my job to help you reach them.


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