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Google+ and what it means to Social Media

Normally, I try to avoid over-hype of the “next new thing”.  However, in the case of “Google+”, the hype just might be warranted. Social media is all about connections, and managing those  connections.  Google+ seems to  efficiently address the issues … Continue reading

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Lessons of Basil Marceaux 03 July 2011

So, there you are, wondering how to get more people to view your site, look up your business, or subscribe to your blog.  Have you thought about making a video?  If you’re good, or better yet, if you’re lucky it … Continue reading

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What’s in YOUR gun-rack? 14 May 2011

Here in the great Pacific Northwest we have an insurance company that has commercials which highlight the fact that the people up here aren’t quite like everyone else.  The commercials talk about our different state of mind and local customs … Continue reading

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