FRC NW Sets the Standard for the Fleet

Originally published July, 2010 by Northwest Navigator

A hush fell over the room, July 23, as more than 80 Fleet Readiness Center northwest Sailors waited for the results from a week-long aviation maintenance inspec­tion. This meeting was the final step of an intense, comprehensive audit conducted by an independent inspection team sent from Com­mander Naval Air Forces, Vice Admiral Allen G. Myres.

Cmdr. Kimberly Schulz, Fleet Readiness Center Northwest Commanding officer, left, stands with command personnel who were recognized last week with Commander Naval Air Forces Challenge coins following maintenance inspection n July.

It had been a week of pro­gram experts examining not only maintenance and training docu­mentation and training implemen­tation, but the very maintenance practices utilized by the Sailors and Marines of FRC NW.

Team leader Lt. Cmdr Don Moore, announced that of the 43 programs inspected, 40 were “on- track,” three programs “needed more attention,” and zero programs were “off-track”.

“It is unbelievably rare that we can roll into an activity and have zero off-track programs” Moore added. “The fact that you have done this while managing a thousand people is something to be very proud of.”

The inspection team identified four programs, quality assurance auditing, hazardous materials, support equipment and licensing, as “fleet models.”

Moor recognized several FRC sailors for their hard work and outstanding programs, giving each a CNAF challenge coin. Each coin was purchased by an inspector for the presentation to the program managers.

These individuals are: AD1 Franklin martis, LS1 Genedine Cabrera, AT1 Justin Lartigue, AM1 Stanley Butler, AM1 Logan Oliver, AZ1 Patrisha Sillavan, AO1 Matthew Nold, AS1 Gabriel Shaw, PR1 Jason Etheridge, AO1 Derick Bell, AZ1 Jon Davis, AD2 Tenika Scott, AT2 Adrinne Hart, AT2 Michel Coulter, AS2 Roscoe Lombardino, AO2 Mario Caracciolo, AZ2 Viet Luu, ADAN Charles Thomas, AMAN Jennifer Buerer, PRAN Yunior Martin, RolandoFerris, Brian Hoagland, Randall McClain and Tommy Moore.


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