AIPP: Filling the void through dedication and teamwork

Challenge:  With limited staff using manual spreadsheets and data tracking, IAPP Inc expended unacceptable man-hours managing payrolls, reports, taxes and deductions and was unable to provide adequate labor categorization to their insurance company.

Solution:  Proper implementation and utilization of Sage Business Works Gold Modules through conducting staff training and personalized customer care provided by {REDACTED}.

Results: IAPP, Inc radically reduced expended man hours from a matter of weeks to hours enabling them to provide customized payroll requirements.  Instant reporting of accounts and accurate categorizing labor saves the company thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and provides greater customer trust in the accountability of IAPP.

AIPP:  Filling the void through dedication and teamwork

In 2005, five people founded IAPP at a time when the Dallas area was feeling a vacuum in the payroll industry.  AIPP had to set a new standard in the payroll accounting industry and gain the trust of clients like Avon, Mary Kay and the local Stage-Workers Union. 

IAPP became a success story in its own right.  Like all new companies, the beginnings were rocky; however, their hard work and dedication built their company into a million-dollar business in just a few years.

The services which IAPP provides to a diverse labor force include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct deposits of employee paychecks
  • Employee pay stub information
  • Electronic payment of Federal Taxes and State Withholding
  • Electronic filing of 940 and 941 forms
  • Pension payments
  • Automatic child support deductions
  • Automatic payment of union dues

Doing It the Hard Way

The founders of IAPP were determined to provide high quality services, but soon discovered that their unique business came with unique problems.

 “Because of our type of business, we may have 10 people doing video, 10 audio, 3 spotlight, 10 electricians, and 10 carpenters.  This makes it hard for our insurers to put us in a category because we do multiple jobs. Since our insurers could not classify us, we had to pay higher premiums,” says {REDACTED}, of  Payroll Administration.

Even though they had purchased Sage Business Works Gold Modules, the accounting company which sold them the product did not provide training.  Their inexperience with the software left them performing a great many tasks manually using custom made spreadsheets and data bases. 

With limited staff responsible for managing the payroll IAPP found themselves unable to provide reports as required by management and their clients.  In addition to the inability to provide information, their incapacity to properly use their accounting software cost them excessive man-hours sifting through mountains of data just to provide the basic services.  This extreme waste of staff created a quicksand effect wherein the harder they worked, the further they fell behind.  “We weren’t even using half of the capabilities of Business Works Gold because we weren’t properly trained,” is how {REDACTED} describes their situation.

As we all know, when things look really bad, they can always be worse.  In the case of IAPP, their biggest client, the local Stage-Workers Union, had serious misgivings about using a payroll service because of their negative experience with IAPP’s predecessor.

The road to success gets paved.

In 2007, the Board of Directors turned to {REDACTED}.  After a year and a half of “winging it” as {REDACTED} puts it, “{REDACTED} came in like a miracle.  She was a godsend.”

“I had done Public Relations for many years, but never had to do the accounting side of it.  I was stressed and felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  {REDACTED} came in and said “Don’t worry, you’ll be an accountant before I’m done with you.”  And that’s exactly what {REDACTED} did.  She trained the accounting staff in the proper use of the Sage Business Works Gold Modules.  By walking them through the programs she opened a world of possibilities that they never knew existed.

In addition to training, {REDACTED} took on the mantle of an IAPP team member.  When the local Stage-Workers Union was having misgivings about using a payroll service, {REDACTED} took time to attend their union meeting.  {REDACTED} ability to explain the business in terms that everyone can understand assuaged their concerns.  She explained to them that the issues they had with their previous payroll service was not possible with IAPP and Business Works Gold Modules.  In short, {REDACTED} helped establish IAPP’s credibility with their biggest client.

Stress free dividends:

Since the decision to utilize {REDACTED} was made, IAPP continues to grow, even in a failing economy.  Thanks to the resources available with Sage Business Works Gold, they are able to finally classify workers for insurance purposes, which now saves them between $5,000 and $7,000 a year.

Through proper training and utilization of Sage Business Works Gold, IAPP saves hundreds of man hours allowing for greater use of personnel resources. Ann proclaims, “It would take me 2 to 3 days to properly file 940 and 941 forms, now it takes me 2 hours to do them on a quarterly basis.  Before {REDACTED}, it took us weeks to do pension, health benefits.  I was only able to pay these benefits on a monthly basis, but now I pay them weekly.”

Through personalized consulting, {REDACTED} provides the very best support to her clients. According to {REDACTED}, “{REDACTED} has done a lot.  She’s got us completely organized and on track moving forward.  Our company can do nothing but grow and prosper from here on out.  She is an angel sent from above.”

Pull-out Quote:  “I used to have headaches before I walked into work, but now it’s a breeze and I don’t dread coming to work anymore.  {REDACTED} is the smartest woman I have ever met and she really helped us a lot.”


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