Welcome to my page.

I am a freelance writer with 20 years of military aviation experience.

Originally, I came into the Navy in August of 1989 and attended boot camp in San Diego California before attending “A” school in Millington TN where I learned the basics of my rate as an avionics technician.

Even though my passion was writing, I listened to my recruiter and filled his quota.  However, even as a young airman my supervisors quickly recognized my talent and put me to use writing and editing their evaluations of my fellow Sailors.  Whenever I came to a new command I ended up being the “go to guy” when it came time for evaluations, or whenever a well written report was needed and even when someone in the command needed to write an article for navy related magazines.

I was a ghost writer and didn’t even know it.  As a result I have been published several times in Mech Magazine, Approach Magazine, and even All Hands Magazine; though I wasn’t smart enough to keep a copy of those articles to build my portfolio.

It wasn’t until I ran into Alesa Lightbourn, owner of Lightworks Communications LLC, in 2009 that I even considered the possibility of making a living through my words.

What you will find here is my online portfolio.  Please feel free to brouse my various writings and read my blog.  You can also follow me on twitter @frankoatley

Add me to your Windows Smart phone address book by using the AT&T code scanner application:

For my freelance rates, please contact me at frankoatley@gmail.com

Please feel free to read my samples and contact me with any questions.

Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you see, tell a friend; if you don’t, tell me.


Ok, some friends have sent me emails and said I need a quote.  A tag line if you will.  I could pull some words of wisdom from my favorite authors like Clemens, Hawking, or Franklin.  I could also draw from the world of catchy bumper stickers.  But I think no.  I think that if I’m going to represent myself as a writer I should quote myself.  It’s not arrogance or hubris, but more of a representation of my wisdom.

So here goes:  “Welcome to my mind.  In the quite likely event of an emergency; there are no exits.”


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