Lessons of Basil Marceaux 03 July 2011

So, there you are, wondering how to get more people to view
your site, look up your business, or subscribe to your blog.  Have you thought about making a video?  If you’re good, or better yet, if you’re lucky it could go “viral” and get you or your business some serious
attention.  Attention is good.

Take, for example, a gentleman named Basil Marceaux.  In 2010, Mr. Marceaux was running for the  office of Governor in Tennessee. He considered himself to be a serious candidate and he took his run for office VERY seriously.  However, what he accomplished was creating a
series of videos that went viral on the internet, and establishing a “brand” that could have made him a small fortune.

It started with his appearance on a local news station.


Once this hit the internet, people were sending it to each other, for obvious reasons- but not for the reason that Mr. Marceaux hoped for.  So he made a few more videos- all of which can be found on Youtube.

In the end, he lost his bid for the governorship of Tennessee- but he was sitting on a goldmine of internet presence.  Briefly, he had the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, but he didn’t take advantage of it.

Someone else did though.  Someone else recognized his “brand” as an incredible opportunity to make money off of Mr. Marceaux’s internet fame and subsequent talk show fame.

My horrified face

http://basilmarceax.com/  If you notice, the spelling is different because it’s missing a “u”, but you don’t find out that this is not his official site until you reach the bottom of the page where an entrepreneur is selling T-shirts, and swag.

If you actually visit http://basilmarceaux.com
you will be redirected to his blog- WHICH HAS NOTHING ON IT!  (see horrified face)

In short, he created a brand, a huge internet footprint, and even hit the talk show circuit, but did nothing with it.  Even now, by linking to his blog, I am increasing the size of his internet presence.  Imagine, the wealth and brand recognition he could have created if he
had his blog up and running, and was just selling T-shirts with his name on the front and his views (in his own words) on the back!  He didn’t take advantage of it, so someone
else did.  Since most of us want to be taken seriously, this approach is NOT for everyone, but it could have worked very well for him.

Lessons we can learn from Mr. Marceaux:

1:  Good things can come from a video, even a bad video.

2:  Be prepared to take advantage if your video goes viral.

3:  Your video probably won’t go viral for the reasons you want it to.

4:  Not everything you learned in your college Public Speaking class is true.

5:  Opportunity is everywhere, you just have to know when it’s knocking.

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