One day closer to launch 8 Jun 2011

Hi there dear readers.
You may be wondering where I’ve been for the past few weeks. Well, I’ve been hunting through the cyber-wasteland we call the internet. Successful businesses know that social media is a powerful marketing tool. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging are great ways to inform your clients and customers; but is there more? Is there something else a business can use to reach their customers more effectively?
Why yes; yes there is and Raindancer Communications is working on bringing it to small businesses everywhere.
Imagine, if you are a restaurant owner and you were able to whisper in the ear of customers and tell them what your dinner special was for the night, right as the family was discussing what to do for dinner? Imagine being able to send coupons or birthday wishes to your favorite customers, instantly, anywhere in the world.
This is the world of bulk text marketing or SMS marketing.
However, for the most part, you have to be a large company, paying huge monthly subscriptions as well as paying for each text that is sent. Typically, businesses are spending $500.00 a month AND $0.05 per text message recipient. Of course, these companies are sending coupons or messages to thousands of customers. If a company has 12,000 members in their club, they are spending the $500.00 a month, and $600.00 for each text blast. If you are a large, multimillion dollar company this is chump change, but what if you are a small business with six employees? Can you reap the rewards of text marketing? Yes, but it’s not all that cost effective.


COMING SOON! Raindancer Communications will provide SMS marketing services for under $100.00 a month with unlimited text blasts, coupons and alerts for up to 1,500 members. Reach your customers at any time of your choosing, as often as you like with no additional fees and an initial six-month trial contract. After that, the length of the contract is up to you so you can sign up for another six months, or up to two years, locking in the price of your service.

With Raindancer SMS marketing your company will:
Provide information on demand 24/7.
Broadcast text message to hundreds or thousands of your subscribers.
Create a personal communication between you and your customers.
Marketing messages will be sent to existing and potential customers that have given you permission.
Marketing messages will be delivered to your customers instantly and efficiently with speed and accuracy.
Consumers will be able to opt-in easily to receive coupons, discount, promo, special offer, new product and services.

If you’re following Raindancer Communications, or Frank Oatley; you will know as soon as this service is up and running.

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