Should you care about what people are saying?: 17 May 2011

I just looking up Rick Santorum, but part of Google’s results came back with the definition of the word “santorum”. I’m not going to post it; I’ll let you find out for yourself.
This is an example of how branding and the English language can clash because of social media. Columnist Dan Savage gets credit for creating the unfortunate and unofficial definition of the word “santorum”. Savage asked his readers to submit new definitions for the term “Santorum”. The word became a successful Google bomb when Savage created a website for it, which unseated the Senator’s official website as the top search result for his surname on the Google web search engine. I’m not going to comment on the politics of Rick Santorum, that’s for you to decide. However, this is a prime example of what can go wrong with your name, company or brand in the internet age. I would call this the ultimate example of negative reviews. When trying to promote your brand, the last thing you want is for part of your brand name to come up with something “unfortunate” when perspective customers Google your name.
On that note, every so often, it is a good idea to do an internet search for your name or your brand. You may be surprised what your search engine finds. If you find something like this, the best thing you can do is address it immediately and directly as quickly as possible.

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