What’s in YOUR gun-rack? 14 May 2011

Here in the great Pacific Northwest we have an insurance company that has commercials which highlight the fact that the people up here aren’t quite like everyone else.  The commercials talk about our different state of mind and local customs and activities which illustrate our certain unique point of view.  Our propensity to wear heavy woolen socks and sandals, at the same time, is one of those behaviors.

Today, our unique Pacific Northwest mentality screamed at me loud and clear today when I took our van to get serviced.

There I was, happily jamming to the radio and waiting at a stoplight.  In front of me was a beat up old blue pickup truck with a rifle rack mounted in the back window.  Nothing unusual there.  Lots of people have gun racks in their trucks.  We do, after all, hunt several species of large woodland game up here amongst the evergreens.  But something was odd about this particular gun rack.  At first, I just couldn’t make out what was in the gun rack, so I did what any other, normal, incredibly nosy, individual would do; I inched my van a little closer to the back of the truck so I could get a good look.

There, occupying both positions that would normally be occupied by high power rifles, and as clear as day, were two magic wands.  They weren’t just little sticks, but twisted and gnarled weapons of magic, complete with beads, leather bindings and feathers.

Apparently, when in Washington State, Harry Potter drives a faded blue pickup.

As the light changed to green and the truck pulled away, I paused laughing, because all I could hear in my head was the tag line of the insurance company:  “We’re just like you… a little different.”

How very true.  We’re different and proud of it.  Now, consider that story from a marketing standpoint and ask yourself “What do I share with my consumers, that I can use to make them think of my brand?”

So to all of you: please, let your inner-wizard shine.  Life is more fun that way.

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