Getting old SUX 5/9/11

So there I was, painting the spare bedroom yesterday.  Got the trim off and put in the garage, put tape where I should and laid out the plastic to protect the carpet.   I managed to get one coat of paint on one wall when I bent over to put more paint on the roller and I suddenly sneezed.  The pain in my back was bad enough to drop me to my knees!

I bent over and sneezed.  That’s it.  I wasn’t playing football, hauling firewood or even rescuing some damsel in distress from a burning building. I bent over and sneezed.  WTF?  Yea I know I’m 40.  Yea I know I’m a little over weight.  (The fact that I’m so fat, lesser geeks orbit me is beside the point.)  Yes I have back problems derived from 20 years of lifting 500 lb transmitters and hauling heavy electronics in support of combat flight operations.  But I’m not supposed to get crippled from a sneeze!  A hand full of pain meds, some time hanging upside-down in my inversion table and an hour in the hot tub has helped considerably.

Hopefully today I can continue painting without too much risk or personal injury.  Wish me luck.

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