Keep digging 5/7/11

Today I find myself still desperately seeking a job.  The past five months has been like being trapped in a mine.  After 20 years of service to my country I find myself struggling in the dark and the walls are starting to collapse.  Each job I apply for is just like being in the darkest place I have ever been and my mind is so desperate for light, I start imagining little flashes of hope.  Each job listing is like dim little fireflies teasing me and my heart hopes that each glimpse of light might be a point of escape.  Meanwhile I can feel the walls starting to crumble and I can clearly hear stones smashing to the floor all around me, and all I want is for that light I see to be real.  A real path to hope; real chance at life and a real chance at freedom.  So I claw at the walls, applying for any job I think I might remotely have the ability to perform.  I don’t care what it pays because anything is more than nothing.

Then in the darkness, I remember that I am better off than many of my fellow Americans.  We may lose our possessions, but at least we will not worry about how we are going to pay for our medical care, or how we are going to afford our prescriptions.  We are not alone, but we are not unique.  I just have to keep digging.  I have the talent and the drive, I just need to keep digging.  If I just keep digging, and applying for jobs, eventually the light will be real.  We may have to rebuild our lives, but I will enable my family to feel the warmth of the sun again.  I just have to keep digging.

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